As a national organization, we work with major insurance companies, corporations, independent insurance adjusters and law firms on a wide variety of insurance-related matters. Our clients choose Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants Inc. because of our in-depth understanding of insurance, our clear, to-the-point communication and our concise, objective and reliable reports.

Our forensic and investigative accounting experts have significant experience with a vast range of insurance claims, ranging from Accident Benefits to Product Liability to Commercial Property Losses.

Our services include:

The rules and approaches to calculations of accident benefits claims have become increasingly complex since the introduction of Ontario Regulations 403/96 and 34/10 and numerous FSCO and Ontario and Federal court decisions. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS), as well as court cases and outcomes, which is applied in every accident benefits calculation we do.

We work directly with the Insured and/or their representatives to collect all the necessary information and arrive at a fair representation of the Claimant’s circumstances, both preceding, at and subsequent to the date of loss.

We provide ongoing support to our clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings as required.

Specializing in calculations for self-employed individuals, every disability benefits claim begins with careful examination of an individual’s insurance contracts and policies.

Based on the insurance policy, the pre-disability income (PDI) and residual income is calculated, which helps determine how much of the pre-disability income is lost and how much disability benefits will be paid out by the insurance company.

We also assist in the determination of eligible expenses under Covered Overhead Expense (COE) claims for professionals with these policies.

There are a variety of tort claims that can occur, including automobile accidents, slip and falls, etc. Williams and Partners Forensic Accountants Inc. assists in loss of income calculations for past and future losses of individuals, resulting from bodily injury or death.

Tort claims and any bodily injury claims are always approached in a fair and objective manner to provide an unbiased estimate that can be relied on in court.

Business Interruption losses can happen in any business or industry. Whether resulting from a natural or man-made disaster, machinery breakdown, floods, fires, explosions or other causes, both production and operations are affected. However, these losses do not always result in sales losses. Therefore, business interruption losses calculations are often complex. Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants Inc. offers a repeatable, effective and unbiased approach to these claims, ensuring integrity of the calculations.

Our areas of expertise at Williams & Partners include initial business interruption loss estimates, actual loss sustained, loss of production and sales, expenses to reduce the loss, extra expense, reported value and co-insurance compliance.

When business interruption occurs, businesses often find themselves in a position where they have to mitigate their losses or perform various fixes. These costs often lead to claims for extra expenses, which are often unique and complex.

By conducting a thorough investigation into factors such as local economies, market conditions, business cycle and more, Williams & Partners is able to build a solid understanding of the business’ normal operations and effectiveness of the extra expenses incurred.

Internal dishonesty and lack of sufficient oversight can greatly affect any business. Losses due to misappropriations can amount to substantial amounts, greatly affecting cash flows and on-going operations. In instances where collusion occurs, even some of the best internal controls can be circumvented.

Williams & Partners can analyze a wide range of fidelity losses, provide documented working papers and help owners and insurance companies receive restitution.

Product liability claims may occur because of defects, contamination or tampering and it’s important to quickly respond to any product liability claims by assuming control of the situation.

Williams & Partners has worked on a number of large product liability claims and recall situations and is able to quickly deliver objective and reasonable calculations of lost profits, physical damages and extra expenses incurred.

When a major property loss occurs and the reported property values involved are ultimately found to be inaccurate, under-reported or out-dated it can result in financial exposure for both claimants and insurers.

When concerns about reported values arise before or following a loss, Williams & Partners does a thorough analysis of the basis of valuation in the insurance policy, investigates the process that was utilized to determine the values, obtains and analyzes documentation needed to verify the values, and verifies the computation of those values that should be reported.

When a business suffers an inventory or content loss due to a fire, flood or other catastrophe it can be a challenge to determine proper valuation of the goods lost due to a lack of physical evidence and/or the fact that some of the goods lost were raw materials, others were still being manufactured and others were already finished goods.

Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants Inc. helps clients quickly and accurately determine the true value of a loss in accordance with the provision of an insurance policy so the claim can be closed in a timely manner. If inventory has been destroyed because of an incident or accident, we can analyze financial records to verify the existence and valuation of those destroyed goods. This is done by leveraging a company’s existing internal controls and accounting related to inventory. This includes both periodic and perpetual inventory systems.

When construction delays occur they can lead to severe financial repercussions, including costly idle periods, delays in start-up, change orders, increased project and labour costs, hefty fines, potential contractual and financial disputes, lost business opportunities, lost profits and market share, and more.

Williams & Partners can help mitigate losses due to construction delays, defects and claims quickly and effectively by offering expert analysis during the settlement or mediation phase, discovery requests and interrogatories. If needed, we can also provide expert testimony.

Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants specializes in assisting insurance companies with jewellers and furriers block claims, including verification and valuation for jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones, as well as precious metals, alloys and other manufacturing stock.