Fraud can take many forms, ranging from misappropriated cash and/or inventory to money laundering. When retained to assist with a fraud and/or financial investigation, we place a priority on our timeliness, discretion and judgment.

When financial misrepresentation or occupational fraud is suspected, the team of expert forensic accountants at Williams & Partners can assist by initiating an accounting investigation to determine where and how the fraud occurred, reporting on the factual and financial evidence of the fraud in an objective, clear and concise manner, and, if necessary, defending that evidence in court. Our two primary objectives when approaching a fraud investigation are to secure your assets so that nothing more can be taken and to obtain and protect the evidence.

Securing your assets

When a fraud takes place, it’s easy to react quickly while forgetting some fundamental steps that will help you secure your assets so that nothing else can be taken or modified. At Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants Inc. we take great pride in being able to quickly identify vulnerabilities and sources of fraud and offer our clients ways to secure their physical and digital assets.

Obtain & Protect Evidence

At Williams & Partners we use computer-assisted techniques to uncover facts to confirm or refute allegations and analyze any competing theories in relation to the facts. Successful fraud investigations often require interviewing potential witnesses, people with information about a particular infraction, and in some cases, speaking with the suspected perpetrators of fraud themselves. The objective of an interview in a fraud situation is to gather facts related to potential motives on the part of the perpetrator, and to verify opportunities presented to the perpetrator for committing a fraud.

We obtain further details by gathering emails, documents and files that may be hidden, and investigating databases, accounting software entries, online activities, and more.