In today’s rapidly changing business environment, managing risk and exposure is critical. When a business dispute and/or legal challenge arises – especially one involving accounting and financial matters – it is essential that you have a team of specialists behind you who can provide you with sound, reliable and effective litigation support.

As one of Canada’s leading forensic accounting firms, Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants Inc. has a reputation for providing expert assistance to the legal community on a wide array of business disputes. By investigating, analyzing and providing an accurate assessment of the financial issues involved and offering expert counsel and fact witness testimony, we can help clients expedite dispute resolution.

Our services include:

Breach of Contract claims often result in material damages to one of the parties involved and it’s important to establish an accurate estimate of the true extent of those damages.

If you require an independent expert review in case of a breach of contract, Williams & Partners will apply quantitative and qualitative techniques to analyze the financial implications of an alleged fault and/or quantify any actual or potential losses.

When construction delays occur they can lead to severe financial repercussions, including costly idle periods, delays in start-up, change orders, increased project and labour costs, hefty fines, potential contractual and financial disputes, lost business opportunities, lost profits and market share, and more.

Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants Inc. can help mitigate losses and expedite the resolution of litigation claims relating to construction delays quickly and effectively by offering expert analysis during the settlement or mediation phase, discovery requests and interrogatories. If needed, we can also provide expert testimony and assess a project’s current and future value if it becomes subject to dispute.

Disasters such as building collapses, flooding, fires and explosions happen. When they do, many businesses decide to replace, repair or rebuild their equipment and operation immediately, in an effort to mitigate downtime, which could lead to lost sales and customers. These emergency actions often lead to claims for extra expenses.

Should a claim for extra expenses arise, Williams & Partners will fully analyze the claim and all documentation, taking multiple factors into consideration, in order to accurately measure the loss sustained and determine if the extra expenses claimed are reasonable, necessary and directly tied to the property damage that occurred during the catastrophe. Over the years, our critical reviews have disclosed errors in assumptions or calculations or both, which has lead to decreases in the reported loss or claim cost.

When franchise disputes arise having specialized expertise and hands-on industry knowledge can be a major advantage, as this type of litigation frequently involves business disputes covered by specific legislation including the Arthur Wishart Act.

Having worked on many types of franchise-related grievances, ranging from lost profits due to negligence to breach of contract, and having worked with a wide range of industries, Williams & Partners’ team of highly trained and experienced professionals are able to bring valuable insights to the table throughout all phases and manners of litigation support for franchise disputes. In addition to obtaining documentation, identifying losses and evaluating damages, and preparing reports, valuations, and projections, we can also provide accurate expert witness testimony that is defensible and clearly supported by evidence.

When you suspect that an employee, manager or business owner has committed fraud, the actions you take – and how quickly you take them – can have a direct impact on how much damage the suspected fraud does to both your bottom line and reputation

Where there are risks, concerns or allegations of fraud, theft, concealment, misrepresentation or other illegal or unethical conduct, Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants Inc. can provide a comprehensive range of litigation support, including reconstruction of records, fraud detection, discovery assistance, damage computation, claims analysis, determination of compliance, and expert witness testimony. We can also help prevent internal or external fraud from happening again by designing and implementing anti-fraud controls.

A company’s intellectual property rights (IPR) and patents are two of its most valuable – and vulnerable – assets. When litigation arises involving economic intellectual property rights (IPR) and/or patent infringement damages, retaining expert forensic accounting counsel and credible, qualified witnesses can be crucial to achieving a favourable outcome.

Lost profits resulting from unforeseen events such as natural disasters, weather, economic upheaval, third-party negligence and contractual disputes are typically covered by business interruption insurance, but disputes do arise and they can quickly become very complex and time-consuming.

When this results in litigation, Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants Inc. will analyze and evaluate numerous components and assumptions of a claim, such as historical and projected financial results, a claimant’s industry performance, comparable non-party performance, and production or service capacity limitations, to determine its reasonableness and ensure that an accurate calculation of the loss is arrived at. When considering a claim, we concurrently use forensic scepticism to search for potential fraud, to avoid overcompensation. We also report on any areas where a business could have mitigated its losses during the period of business interruption. When required, we can provide qualified, expert testimony.

With personal injury and wrongful death claims resulting from incidents such as slips, falls and automotive accidents on the rise, the need for specialized forensic accounting counsel and investigation is more important than ever before.

Williams & Partners offers comprehensive litigation support for these claims, including timely and authoritative identification and calculation of past and future economic loss, quantification of earning capacity, superannuation and other needs, assessment of realistic damages, identifying documents to assess and prove claim, collaborative preparation for settlement conferences or trial, expert testimony, and more. Calling on the expertise of an experienced third-party, particularly when a claim is being refuted, can help to reconcile differences and expedite settlement because a third-party report is typically viewed as being more objective and fair.

When someone makes a claim of wrongful termination and/or employer misconduct it can be very difficult and time-consuming to defend because it often comes down to the word of the employer against the word of the employee. That’s the primary reason why working with a forensic accounting firm who can provide you with an independent, accurate and well-documented expert opinion adds so much value to this type of litigation.

By assisting with obtaining documentation necessary to support or refute a claim, analyzing this documentation to form an assessment of the case and identifying an accurate, defensible analysis of the extent of the damages, Williams & Partners Forensic Accountants Inc. can support counsel in a variety of capacities during wrongful termination actions and help facilitate earlier resolutions, including appearing as an expert witness.

When a disaster occurs and a business has to suspend operations because of physical damages, it’s critical that the losses be identified, documented and quantified quickly and efficiently so a fair and reasonable settlement can be arrived at and the business can get back to business as soon as possible.

The professional forensic accountants at Williams & Partners provide a broad array of litigation support services and expert counsel relating to claims and valuation issues arising from physical damages, ranging from insurable values to loss quantification, from scope of damage assessments to appraisals. By generating reports promptly and meticulously, calculating losses accurately, monitoring reconstruction milestones, and working closely with other specialized consultants during the restoration project, Williams & Partners can help facilitate an early resolution to the claim, which, in turn can help mitigate any further losses.

When products are recalled, the surest way to mitigate damages and minimize further damage to a company’s reputation is by responding to event quickly, honestly and decisively.

Should a product liability issue arise, Williams & Partners’ forensic accounting team can provide immediate assistance in developing claims mitigation and settlement strategies. By obtaining and assessing all pertinent documentation, quantifying the costs of recall and consequential loss of profit, reviewing the claim to ensure accuracy, validity, existence of recalled or withdrawn items and avoidance of “double-counting”, and preparing detailed and defensible reports on causation, legal liability, indemnity, quantum and recovery, Williams & Partners can help expedite faster, more equitable resolutions.

To improve the chances of a successful recovery when subrogation potential has been identified, it is critical that forensic accountants be retained as soon as a possible after a loss has occurred to both quantify the claim for subrogation and ensure that all pertinent documentation is retained in anticipation of future disclosure.

Williams & Partners team of forensic accountants are experienced in subrogation and recovery and can help by soliciting documentation, supplying recommendations for interrogatories, recording relevant financial evidence, determining what fair restitution would be, preparing persuasive arguments to support subrogation recoveries, and, if necessary, defending those arguments in court by appearing as an expert witness.